Welcome to Blairmore Nursery School

Blairmore NurseryDear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Blairmore Nursery School's Website, and thank you for your interest in our establishment. I hope you will find the nursery a happy place to be. We enjoy having visitors and like to make them very welcome.

Please come in and get to know us.

Our nursery enjoys a reputation for a high standard of care and education and we hope you will be aware of this during your visit. Please feel free to talk to staff, children and parents, they will help you to feel at home.

We look forward to the possibility of your child being given a place with us and hope that you will find his/her experience a rewarding one for both of you.

The nursery caters for children from the age of 3 years until they start primary school. All pre-school children are eligible for a free part-time nursery place. Three year old children are eligible for a part-time nursery place depending on their date of birth. More information on eligibility for nursery places is available from the Head Teacher.

Marie Crawford
Head Teacher

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