Early Years Language Centre

Our Vet ThemeWhich children attend the Early Years Language Centre?

A Unit placement is offered to:-
Children of pre-school age who demonstrate particular difficulties with language i.e. comprehension, expressive language and/or communication disorders.
Additionally there may be associated behavioural problems.
• As language progresses, difficulties with social communication and social interaction may   persist indicating that an Autistic Spectrum Disorder may be evident. Placement in this case is still determined by the presence of a specific language difficulty.
• Children attending the Centre require very specific help which cannot be provided in a larger mainstream nursery setting.
• Placements are reviewed and continue while intensive language intervention is deemed effective and appropriate, as determined by the Centre Team.
• Children leave the Early Years Language Centre when they no longer need such a high level of support to access the curriculum in their mainstream nursery setting. Ongoing Speech and Language Therapy can be provided either in community clinic or mainstream nursery.

Referral Process

Placements at the Centre are allocated through the Additional Support Needs Monitoring Forum which is held several times per session at Education Services Headquarters.

A collaborative assessment meeting will be held at your child's nursery and if your child requires additional support a referral can be made to the Monitoring Forum who allocate placements depending on each child's needs.


On his/her first day you will be asked to accompany your child on the Centre minibus and stay for the full session to help your child settle in. This will only be necessary on your child’s first day and thereafter your child will be picked up from home on the nursery bus at a set time each day.

He/she will be given a settling in period of 6-8 weeks during which he/she will have the opportunity to form relationships with both peers and staff and during which the Centre team will be able to assess his/her specific areas where intervention/help are needed. After this initial settling in period, you will be invited  to meet with the Centre team to discuss your child’s progress and to determine goals/aims for the future. This is called the child’s Post-placement Review

Following this meeting, you will again be invited to attend a session in the Unit to observe the work being done by both children and staff. At this time staff from your child’s mainstream nursery will also be invited to come along and observe for a session. This helps to ensure a continuity of planning for each child’s individual needs. Within approximately six months of the placement a Review meeting will be held in your child's mainstream nursery to discuss your child’s progress. You will be invited to attend this meeting with all professionals involved in your child’s development.

General Information
Early Years Language Centre Hours: Morning Session: 09.30am – 11.30am
Afternoon Session: 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Your child will be offered four sessions per week.

A morning placement is Tuesday - Friday mornings.

An afternoon placement is Monday - Thursday afternoons

The Early Years Language Centre shares a bus with Blairmore Nursery which will be available to pick up and drop off your child at the beginning and end of each session. You will be given a time to have your child ready for collection and for drop offs. The children will be accompanied on the bus by one of our Additional Support Needs Auxiliaries (ASNs), Agnes, Yvonne or Mary. Staff are unable to leave the bus at any time therefore parents must personally put children on and take them off of the bus.

At the Centre we follow the same timetable as the school year following the same holidays and in-service days as nurseries and primaries throughout Inverclyde.

A Typical Day at the Early Years Language Centre.

The Centre session is very structured and is split into blocks of 15 minute periods.

We start each session with a group welcome.

Activities on offer are similar to your child’s mainstream nursery e.g. sand, water, house corner, and painting. However, the activities are all planned to encourage language development. Children move from one activity to the next every 15 minutes.

During the session the children have a snack which also encourages language development.

The session ends with large group time.

The children work hard during their session at the Centre . However, they just think they’re having lots of fun!

Centre Staff

Head Teacher: Marie Crawford

Early Years Education and Childcare Officers: Heather Nelis, Bernadette McArthur

ASN Auxiliaries: Agnes Donnachie and Yvonne Callaghan

Speech and Language Therapists: Katie Walters and Ros Murray

Family Support Worker: Linda Miller


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