Enrolment and Settling In

Enrolment and Settling inHurrah!   We're In

If your child’s application is successful, you will be notified by letter and
given a date for you both to visit to complete enrolment forms and
meet your child’s key member of staff. During this visit you will be
given your child’s starting date.

Our First Day

Your child will spend one hour in the nursery on their first day.
Please arrange to spend that all important first day in the nursery with
your child if you possibly can. If you are unable to join in the first day,
perhaps there is someone else – an aunt, uncle, grandparent or close
friend who will come along instead, to help settle your child in?
Having a familiar adult there will help both your child and the staff in
the settling process. Once you, your child and the member of staff are
happy that all is well, you can leave secure in the knowledge that your
child is in safe hands.

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