Play and Learning

Find out what our pupils have been doing.


We’re only playing?
Yes we do play in the nursery – but a lot more besides!

Play offers a young child opportunities to explore, experiment,
make choices and make mistakes without experiencing a sense of
failure or a loss of confidence.

Children find play an interesting and enjoyable way to learn. When they are relaxed and absorbed in play they are most likely to show what they have learned, what they can now do and what their next step is likely to be.

Children enjoy playing. It is fun and absorbing and provides opportunities to build on what they already know, to remember
what they have done, and to share thoughts and ideas. Although Play may have an end product (e.g. a painting or a model), it is the
experience itself, the sharing with others and the meaning which is taken from it which has the most value for the child.

Our nursery environment is carefully planned to allow your child to experience the best quality of play possible with the best help from adults.

When you visit the nursery you will be able to see for yourself – play in action!

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