Blairmore Nursery Staff

The staff in Blairmore Nursery School who work with your children are all highly trained professionals who have a genuine desire to work closely with you and your child.

Marie Crawford - Head Teacher

Susan McElwee - Senior EYECO

Roseann McDonald - Acting Senior EYECO

Ann McArthur - Senior EYECO

Fiona Arnold - EYECO

Jackie Chalmers - EYECO

Ellen Gillan - EYECO

Linda Miller - Family Support Worker

Liz Quigley - Clerical Assistant

Betty Muirhead - Wrapround Auxiliary

Ian Burns - Mini Bus Driver

Early Years Language Centre Staff

Heather Nelis - EYECO

Bernadette McArthur - EYECO

Ann McArthur - EYECO

Yvonne Callaghan - Auxiliary/Escort

Agnes Donnachie - Auxiliary/Escort

*EYECO - Early Years Education and Childcare Officer

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