The key to effective transition is effective communication between the early years establishment, school and parents. The transition process will begin early in the pre-school year and continue into early Primary 1.

Links With Primary School

At Blairmore Nursery School, we have forged strong links with our two local Primary Schools – All Saints and King’s Oak, and with other schools in our outlying catchment area.
We encourage members of staff from our local schools to spend time in the nursery and to get to know the children before they start P1.
Members of the nursery staff attend induction days at many of our Primary Schools and they also attend the school on the first few days of term, so that there is a familiar face in what may be unfamiliar surroundings.
A profile of a child’s progress during their time at nursery is passed on to the P1 teacher.
We also have close links with Primary Schools for the children who attend the Early Years Language Centre. Primary One teachers are invited to spend time at the Centre getting to know your child and learning strategies to
support them. We also invite school staff to our transition to school review meeting.

Transfer from Pre-Five Establishment to Primary School

Children are normally transferred between the ages of 4 ½ an 5 ½ years, although this may be negotiated in exceptional circumstances

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