Our Vision and Aims

Our Vision

To be part of a learning community ensuring that all children have access to their own personalised Curriculum for Excellence and for their families to be true partners in their child’s education.

Our Aims
• To provide an exciting, stimulating learning environment, making full use of the natural environment around us where children feel happy and secure and learning is fun.

• To ensure that all children are given the opportunity to reach their potential by providing high quality staff interaction and support.

• To work closely with parents, partner agencies and the local community to inspire a love of lifelong learning in our children and families.

• To use resources imaginatively to develop the nursery as a resource for parents and the local community, promoting a sense of belonging and engagement in positive learning experiences, by allowing every family to access and engage in education and support.

• To use the finances available to ensure that all resources are of a very high standard. High quality staff training will further enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

• To regularly consult with children, parents and partner agencies to monitor and evaluate the work of the nursery to ensure that we continually achieve the high standards we set for ourselves.

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